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Lynn Schmitt

lynn schmitt

Lynn has worked in a design capacity for all of her professional life. She entered the design world as a Fine Arts student ultimately graduating with a BFA in Interior Design. She then continued as an interior designer specializing in commercial interiors for over 30 years and now colors outside the lines as the owner of A Different Box of Crayons. Lynn has worked with and designed quilts for over 12 years. A Different Box of Crayons was officially launched in 2010. Through A Different Box of Crayons, Lynn designs patterns and kits for the adventurous quilter using new techniques and an eclectic mix of cotton and alternative textiles. Her work has been published repeatedly in American Patchwork and Quilting and Quilts and More. She has had several projects published in Needl'love quilt books. Initially her most popular projects focused on whimsical approaches to graphic imagery in quilts. Lynn's current focus is on secondary patterning, color, textures and Eclectic textiles enhanced with wool appliqué. With a little understanding of how to handle and sew with Eclectic textiles, quilters need not be limited to just cotton fabric in their projects. Eclectic Bundles afford quilters access to silk matka, raw silk and silk dupioni, both hand dyed and woven wools, linen, home decor and certainly all scales and themes of cotton. Lynn illustrates here how they can by beautifully brought together to dance in a single project. Truly a new "box of crayons" for quilters of all ages and experience to learn to color with!

Come visit us at our new home in Glen Ellyn, IL at 439 Pennsylvania Avenue and experience first hand the mix of color and texture that Eclectics can create in your projects or visit our website 

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