Lorraine Torrence

Lorraine TorrenceLorraine Torrence was an art major in college and went on to graduate school to receive an MFA in sculpture at the University of Washington in 1971. Six months before she graduated, she made her first quilt. She has not made another piece of sculpture since the day she graduated, but she has made quilts and wearable art consistently since 1971. She teaches on the national circuit and locally, judges wearable art and quilt shows, owns a wearable art and quilt pattern business, and has designed a line of fabric. Her first two books were Design Essentials: The Quilter's Guide (Lorraine Torrence Designs, 2008) and Shifting Perspectives (C&T Publishing, 2006). She lives in Seattle with her husband of 37 years and near her two grown children and two grandsons.

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