Little Lone Star Quilts

Sew Perfect Points Every Time • Exciting New Paper-Piecing Technique • 7 Projects


Lorraine Olsen ––

Lone Stars Made Easy - in Miniature!

• Make perfect miniature Lone Stars every time with this revolutionary new fold-and-sew paper piecing method
• No need for fussy measuring, cutting, or sewing on bias edges
• Learn on 7 vibrant quilts with full-size patterns
• Raid your scrap collection and choose just the right fabrics for miniatures
• Spangle your borders with diamonds and stars

If you've ever struggled to make a Lone Star quilt the old way, you're in for a pleasant surprise! These scrappy little Lone Stars come out with perfect points every time, and they're easier to make than traditional Lone Stars. Everything you need to succeed is covered here, from tools and supplies to binding and finishing your quilts.

This accessible guide to creating fine fabric art with digital photos covers everything from the tools and equipment you'll need, to designing, finishing, and assembling your quilt.

64p color PDF 
ISBN: 978-1-60705-094-0 
(eISBN: 978-1-60705-094-0)