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Karey Patterson Bresenhan & Nancy O'Bryant Puentes

Karey BresenhanKarey is the president of Quilts, Inc., director of International Quilt Market, International Quilt Festival, Patchwork & Quilt Expo, and Embellishment(r). Karey's business acumen, enthusiasm for quilting, and perserverance helped her create and foster the quilting industry. She has been the driving force in fostering the growth of quilting in Europe, having started Expo there in 1988.

Karey is a fifth-generation Texas quilter and an acknowledged expert on quilt dating. She has served as a quilt appraiser and quilt contest judge. A personal quilt collection that includes family quilts, rare antique quilts, art quilts, and quilts made especially for her, testifies to Karey's love for this art form.

Nancy PuentesNancy O'Bryant Puentes is executive vice-president of Quilts, Inc; a co-founder of the International Quilt Association and editorial director of its journal, Quilts: A World of Beauty; and the author of numerous articles on quilts and quilting for consumer and industry publications.

Drawing on her interest in quilt conservation, Nancy coordinated a hands-on quilt conservation and restoration seminar and laboratory in 1984, the first to bring quilters, conservators, and museum professionals together. She also wrote the first book to address quilt care for the layman: First Aid for Family Quilts.

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