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Jette Nørregaard Nielsen

Jette Nielsen

Jette Nørregaard Nielsen is an internationally known professional who has worked with fabric, design, forms, and patterns as a psychologist and a textile artist for more than 30 years. In her work as a psychologist, she uses drawing therapy, patterns, and colors with her clients.

Jette grew up in a family where artists and authors were often present. It was natural for her to become interested in the color theory of famous artist and scientist von Goethe and to apply this interest both to her therapy and in her private work with fabric, materials, and form.

This book is her debut as an author of textile art. It was born from many requests from European home artists, especially in Scandinavia and Russia, and she wanted to share her techniques and artistic views through the birds most of us know, love, and recognize.

Jette's artistic talent and gift of working with people have been inherited by her children. Jette's daughter, Stine, is a multifaceted artist who paints, draws, and makes fantastic cakes with extraordinary handmade sugar decorations. Stine is also a well-known and sought-after palmist. Lasse, Jette's son, is a fantastic illustrator and computer artist. Could these gifts and talents come from Jette's direct ancestor who, in 1693, was the last person to be burned in Denmark as a witch?

Jette lives in Vänersborg, Sweden.

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