Jessica Schick

Jessica SchickJessica Schick is an artist who thought her career would be teaching art. Then she bought a longarm quilting machine. Within a month she was considering quilting for hire and teaching quilting rather than pursuing a career in public education. She was designing her own quilting patterns, so she would still be using her drawing and creative skills. And it would allow her to continue to stay home with her children. With the support of her husband, she dove in and began quilting for customers full time, averaging 300 to 350 quilts each year. After researching the limited opportunities available to designers in the computer-assisted quilting market, she started Digi-Tech Designs ( Her goal is to provide excellent-quality designs with the customer’s and designer’s needs being the primary concern. She now designs patterns for quilting, embroidery, and other crafts. And she wrote a book! She lives in Wisconsin with her husband.

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