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25 Projects to Sew, from Practical to Fascinating


Compiled by Susanne Woods ––

A hat for every season, a hat for any reason

The latest installment in our popular Design Collective series features 25 hats from contemporary designers all over the world, each hand-selected for their freshly sewn flair and skilled millinery work. Ladies and gents, boys and girls…a handmade hat for every head!

• What will you tip from the top of your head? A bonnet, a cap, a cloche, a tam?
• Projects include other adornments for your crown, such as headbands, fascinators, and scarves
• From playful to practical, sassy to sophisticated, there is something for everyone to make and wear any day, every day

Includes contributions by: Katerina Anagnostopoulou, Janine Basil, Chio Bloom, Teresa Bright, Anna Cavaliere, Anthea Christian, Christen Dell, Dory Smith Graham, Tammy Gregg, Jen Hagedorn, Taylor Hart, Carrie Malfeo, Eleonora Marchi, Andrea Z. Roman, Gailen Runge, Bonnie Shaffer, Jenifer Sult, Cara Wilson, Susanne Woods, Ivy Young, Sandie Zimmerman
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