Free Project: Color Works Quilt from Mixing Quilt Elements

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Imprint CT Publishing

FINISHED QUILT: 65 1/2˝ × 84˝ (166 cm × 216 cm) FINISHED BLOCK: 16 1/2˝ × 16 1/2˝ (42 cm × 42 cm)

Color makes us happy. Contemporary fabrics today are full of exciting color. To make it work, balance bright, saturated colors with earthy, more tonal fabrics. Color Works is an opportunity to combine all those vivacious,big-print fabrics in your stash with shot cotton stripes as you might see them in a natural surround. Light and shade add interest, so remember that every garden has brown!

Here is an exercise using vibrant polychromatic prints that can be added to your stash of batiks or hand-dyed fabrics! The thing that brings them together is that they are beautiful, bombastic hits of print and color balanced by the contrast of the shadowy, earthy colors as if we are seeing them in the real world.

From Mixing Quilt Elements by Kathy Doughty

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