Euphoria Tapestry - Eco Tote featuring design by Deborah Kemball

Euphoria Tapestry—Eco Tote

  • Product Description

    featuring design by Deborah Kemball ––

    Have your quilt and carry it too!

    Cart your quilting fabric, books, groceries, and more in this sturdy and spacious zippered bag that will become your new go-to carryall. Featuring the Pomegranate and Acanthus pillow by award-winning appliqué quilter Deborah Kemball, the environmentally conscious tote is made from recycled water bottles, also making it water-resistant.

    • Heavy-duty, oversized tote bag with secure zipper closure, shoulder straps, and sturdy stitching
    • Bottom panel reinforced for standing upright and carrying books, sewing projects, and more
    • Gorgeous printed bag shows off quilted texture and luscious floral appliqué

    recycled plastic tote
    15.5 x 15 x 8
    ISBN: 978-1-61745-294-9
    UPC: 734817-203377

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