Creative Image Transfer Class Plan

Mini Art Quilt with TAP Transfer Artist Paper

TAP Doodles Art Quilt 

From Creative Image Transfer by Lesley Riley 

Class Description

Create an original mini-quilt with hand-painted fabric and unique surface design with hand-doodled transfers.

This is an entry-level project into surface design and art quilts perfect for beginners with straight-stitch sewing skills as well as experience quilters new to art quilts and surface design. Learn how to use fabric paints, TAP Transfer Artist Paper and optional free-motion scribbling. Your students will leave with an art quilt of their own design that introduces them to the wonderful world of TAP and surface design.

Class Length
2 – 2 hour sessions (Can be done in one session if fabric drying is speeded up with a dryer or heat guns.)

Class Supply List

Required Text: Creative Image Transfer

1 or more sheets of TAP Transfer Artist Paper (Get the 100-sheet class pack and sell individual sheets!)

Black brush tip marker

Dye-Na-Flow paint in 3 or more colors

2 – 1” foam brushes

Water container

Rag or paper towels

Fat Quarter of white cotton fabric

Fat Quarter of coordinating backing fabric (best to choose after painting)


Apron and optional plastic gloves for fabric painting

Parchment or silicone release paper for ironing

Ziplock bag for storing TAP doodles for next class*


Classroom Preparation


Session 1 - Tables should be covered with plastic for fabric painting

Session 2 – Sewing machine for each student, irons and pressing station

Nearby sink and fabric drying area (plastic covered floor is sufficient) 

Class Agenda

Session 1

Follow the instructions on page 22.  Demonstrate how to paint fabric. Student should paint entire white FQ, preferably in lighter colors and leaving some white areas. Set aside fabric to dry. Instruct them to iron fabric at home prior to next class

Discuss TAP basics (pg. 10-12 and 18. Instructor can also refer to C&T’s Create with Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley for more in-depth info.)

Students draw or doodle on TAP sheet, keeping in mind their doodles will be cut out. Any words must be in reverse! Encourage them to do 2 or more sheets for variety.

Trim doodles as directed and store in ziplock bag until next session

Session 2

Transfer doodles to fabric.

Create quilt sandwich.

Machine doodle or stitch a grid.

Trim to desired size and bind as desired.

Remaining quilted fabric can be turned into fabric postcards in another class!

* TAP must always be stored in a sealed bag.