Corey Yoder

Corey Yoder

Corey Yoder is a fabric-loving full-time mom with a passion for quilts and quilt design. As a fourth-generation-plus quiltmaker, she has been surrounded by fabric and quilts her whole life. However, it was not until after her marriage in 1997 that her passion for fabric and quilts really began.

Corey's love of fabric led her to quiltmaking, followed by the opening of her children's clothing and appliqué business, Little Miss Shabby, and, finally, full circle back to quilts and quilt design.

Her work focuses on creating traditional quilts and quilt blocks with a modern flair. Corey's designs often combine a mix of traditional block designs with appliqué or embroidery or both, using bright and fun fabrics. She enjoys the challenge of precision piecing traditional quilts and giving them a modern twist with current fabrics and new design elements. Corey's patterns have been published in many magazines and several books. She lives with her family in Ohio.

To see more of Corey's work and design process, or for more information on her published patterns, visit her blog at

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