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Cecile Trentini

Cecile Trentini

Cécile Trentini’s career as an artist started as a painter and creator of sculptural objects. She discovered quilt art rather by accident, and she immediately felt at home in the world of fiber, replacing brush, canvas, and paints with the sewing machine, fabrics, and thread. Although she has never made a traditional quilt, she was attracted to the graphical and geometrical elements of traditional patchwork, and she loved the sensual, tactile experience of the various structures and textures of different fabrics.

She is fascinated not only by constructive and concrete art but also by the more playful surrealism. Her art quilts mirror this twin fascination: the logical, analytical and the more intuitive, emotional approach. Almost all of her work is abstract. Her art is driven by curiosity and an urge to create. A systematic mind and a thriving imagination have led her to ever-new variations, and to the surprising diversity of themes and styles that is the outstanding trait of her work.

Cécile has had a piece accepted in a Quilt National show, and she has been juried, among others, into European Quilt Triennale and European Art Quilt exhibitions. She teaches design workshops nationally and internationally.

More about her and her work can be found on her website: She lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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