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Wine Country Quilts Series by Ann Hazelwood

  • CT Publishing Wine Country Quilts Series Collection

    Ann Hazelwood ––  Collect all 5 books and save! 9781683391159 16478 For the Love of Quilts9781683391166 16479 Lily Girl's Christmas Quilt9781683391173 16480 Quilted Secrets9781683391180 16481 The Christmas Wish Quilt9781683391197 16482...

  • CT Publishing For the Love of Quilts

    Ann Hazelwood ––  After quitting her boring editing job, aspiring writer Lily Rosenthal isn't sure what to do next. Her only joys in life are collecting antique quilts and frequenting the area's beautiful wine country. The murder of a...

  • CT Publishing Lily Girls Christmas Quilt

    Ann Hazelwood ––  Lily Girl's Christmas Quilt is the second novel in Ann Hazelwood's Wine Country Quilts Series. Christmas is Lily Rosenthal's favorite time of year, and she is eager to experience the Christmas traditions of the Wine...

  • CT Publishing Quilted Secrets

    Ann Hazelwood ––  Everyone has at least one secret they carry through their lives. Lily tries to keep a secret herself as she encounters the many secrets of her quilt class, community, friends, and family members. The mystery continues...

  • CT Publishing The Christmas Wish Quilt

    Ann Hazelwood ––  In Ann Hazelwood's fourth novel of the Wine Country Quilts Series, Lily Rosenthal starts her holidays with a Thanksgiving Pie Party, but the holiday season truly comes alive during the Christmas Walk in her town of...

  • CT Publishing The Quilt Left Behind

    Ann Hazelwood ––  When Lily Rosenthal helps a friend sell some very expensive quilts, she is determined to keep them safely under lock and key. When one goes missing, not even the Dinner Detectives can figure out the culprit. Dreams come...