Why Rulers?

Why Rulers?

May 20th 2020

The following information is from Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy. Learn the importance of using rulers, plus some helpful tips and tricks. Plus, be sure to scroll to the bottom for a chance to win an ebook copy in our giveaway.

Quilting rulers help you quilt smooth lines and execute uniform designs. They can elevate your quilts from attractive to amazing! But rulers have other benefits as well.

When you quilt with rulers on a domestic sewing machine, you lower the feed dogs. The movement of your hands determines the stitching direction. And because you can stitch in any direction, there is no need to rotate your quilt under the machine! Seriously, if that fact alone isn’t enough for you to go out and buy a ruler foot, I don’t know what is!

Breaking down the quilting areas with rulerwork also makes the entire quilting process less formidable. I plan my quilting with this in mind. For instance, I might do all my rulerwork the first week, then concentrate on medium free-motion fills the second and third weeks, and finish up with any stippling or small fills at the end of the process.

Adding rulerwork to your quilting toolbox vastly expands your design vocabulary. Many motifs that rulerwork makes easier are difficult to free-motion quilt, like straight lines and perfect circles. 

The circles on this wholecloth quilt by Amanda Murphy are easily executed with rulers.

Free-motion is icing on the cake. The good news is that your free-motion quilting does not have to be complex to make your rulerwork sing!

ADVICE: Do you have a sewing friend who hates free-motion quilting? Chances are that they might like rulerwork (a lot of piecers do). One day they’ll decide to fill in part of those rulerwork triangles or diamonds with a little dense quilting to make other areas and … guess what … they will be free-motion quiliting!

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