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When It’s Too Hot to Quilt

Posted by Jen Lopez on Aug 3rd 2022


Quilting in the summer can be a challenge. The kids are off from school, there are vacations to contend with and pushing yards and yards of fabric through a sewing machine can be a sticky subject. I once created a greeting card about that very topic. When it’s too hot to sew, there are still other quilting-related things you can do, so put on your flip flops and give some of these a try!

  • Clean Your Sewing Space – The summer quilting doldrums are the perfect time to clean up and organize your sewing space. Halloween costumes and holiday gifts are coming up fast around the corner. You will get more done on the fun stuff if you aren’t tripping over piles of fabric and sewing scraps.
  • Dig Up Old UFOs – Remember all those “Handmade Holiday” gifts that you lamentably didn’t finish last year? Break them out and get ready to finish them up! Just imagine how productive everyone will think that you are THIS year.
  • The Boring Stuff – The hemming, the mending, those ugly curtains you’ve been putting off… get all the boring “home maintenance” stuff done and out of the way. This way, as soon as fall hits you’ll be ready for pumpkins, and gnomes and snowmen... oh my!
  • Fabric Shopping? I wasn’t going to say it, but you know you have been thinking it. Summer is a great time for fabric shopping because many quilt shops have Christmas in July sales on all those fun holiday prints you know you are going to want to have on hand, as well as clearance sales to make room for the new stuff. Not that you need any justifications for buying more fabric.

Have fun in the sun this summer and after the last hot dog is roasted, you’ll be able to hit the bobbin running with all of your quilting projects!


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