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What's Your Favorite Color?

Posted by Katie Fowler on May 11th 2020

I’m Katie Fowler and my favorite color is…

ALL of them!

 I’d like to invite you to explore color in a brand-new way with the foolproof Color Wheel Set

When I started learning about color theory and color relationships, I fell in deep! That’s how my new color tool, the foolproof Color Wheel Set, was created.

The color wheel in the foolproof Color Wheel Set shows the 12 basic colors in the pure color, the tint (white added), the tone (gray added), and the shade (black added). I am still amazed when I play with my color wheel and can find a perfect match for thread, yarn, fabric, paint, etc.

Inside, you will find ten discs which, when laid over the color wheel, will provide color combinations that make your quilts, artwork, interior design, photography, or wardrobe sing. The discs can be spun to show various combinations unique to each disc.

Colors work or don’t work together because of the way our brain “sees” color. Colors are “mixed” in the brain and humans find a neutral gray to be pleasing. The combinations of colors found when using the discs would mix to a neutral gray if using paint or color pencils. That’s why those combinations work.

I view the color wheel as a tool, not a rule. I don’t always use it and I don’t always follow the discs exactly. I do use the color wheel to help me when I’m stuck or when I really want to communicate with the colors.

When we play with color, we begin to understand the special relationships colors have with one another. Colors are beautiful on their own, but when used well with other colors, they begin to have a bit of magic. For example, colors make their complement (opposite color on the wheel) come alive and make an exciting visual. Blue and orange are complementary colors.

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But remember, any color wheel is a tool, not a rule. Sometimes it’s just fun to spin them and play!

What’s your favorite color?


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