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What’s your favorite color?

Posted by Katie Fowler on Oct 8th 2020

What’s your favorite color? I seem to love them all, some a little more than others, and especially when they are together and used beautifully.

Join me on a color adventure with my new Foolproof Color Workbook. Inside you will find easy to understand information and fun exercises. Use the coloring pages to gain a real understanding of color, color theory, and color relationships. The best way to understand color is to use color and my new book gives you the opportunity to learn your preferences.

Remember, color theory is a tool, not a rule. It’s more important that you understand what you like and how to use those colors successfully. Color some or all of the mandalas in the book and you will have a go to reference for finding your favorite combinations. Once you understand how colors work together, you can combine them successfully in your quilting, artwork, wardrobe, and interior design.

So, what is your favorite color? Better yet, what’s your favorite color combination?


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