This Thanksgiving, Make a Quilt Instead

This Thanksgiving, Make a Quilt Instead

Posted by Jen Lopez on Nov 24th 2021

This week is Thanksgiving, and I am having none of it: the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning… surely there must be a better way to enjoy a national holiday! What if, instead of stuffing a bird, we stuffed a quilt? Here are six reasons why the best thing to make this year for Thanksgiving is a quilt:

  • Is This Really a Day Off? – You finally got a day off from work. Do you really want to spend it jostling in the store for groceries, spending the entire day before doing prep cooking, then spending all of Thanksgiving Day itself on your feet? You could be sitting. You could be quilting.
  • The Cost – I’m embarrassed (or possibility horrified) to say I have routinely spent $300 or more on this one meal. Even at a whopping $12.99 per yard for good quality quilting fabric, you could buy over 23 yards of fabric for that kind of money.
  • Multitasking Fail - You will spend hours or days making this meal, yet you still must continue to make three other meals per day (and clean up!) for the family at the same time you are making this epic meal. That is just wrong. If you made a quilt, sure you are doing lots of things: cutting, basting, sewing, pressing – but you only have to do one at a time. What a relief.
  • Cleaning Up – After you make a huge Thanksgiving meal, you have to spend literally an entire day cleaning up. After you make a quilt, you don’t have to do anything. I think its safe to say I haven’t cleaned up my sewing room in over a year and I see no need to do so anytime soon.
  • Leftovers – Thanksgiving leftovers are kinda gross. You will be stuck eating them for days, long after your enthusiasm for turkey has passed. Quilting leftovers, on the other hand, are awesome. You can use them to make another quilt!
  • Permanence – After you make this huge meal, it gets eaten in 20 minutes then it’s gone. Conversely, your quilt will last forever.

All that being said, you should still make a pie. Everything is better with pie… including quilting!

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