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The Ultimate Guide for the Young Designer

Posted by Michele Fry on Jun 21st 2015

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Rachel Low has some of us yearning to be teens again (or at least me) with her very cool book, Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion.

These girls are filled with excitement, pride, and confidence as they prance around the city in outfits they styled and made. They are having so much fun! And it just continues as Rachel encourages originality and the creative process. The creative preteen girl inside me is excited to make some mood boards. Every perfect thing you find pictures of or can draw—the perfect shade of green, the perfect sunglasses, the perfect hairstyle, the perfect fabric—finds a place on a mood board. 

In the book, the young designer can doodle and fill in the sketches of each outfit to fit her individual style. I’m designing—I mean, they’re designing–their own clothes. Designing, coloring, embellishing, adding bling and things. And it’s great that we sew complete outfits for several occasions.  Ah, fashion. Love it!

It’s more than just clothes though. Let’s talk accessories! Cute collars, shoe clips, and those tote bag charms—I want that donut and those lips! Some crazy fun accessorizing goes on in this book. Let’s put our own signature style on everything. 

If I were a teenage girl again, and I created all these cool clothes, I’d feel so accomplished and successful and, of course, beautiful. And I might want to become an artist, a tailor, or a fashion designer. I would be inspired to explore and create and have fun. Girl's Guide to DIY Fashion is a good time. I’d buy it…for my daughter. 

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