The Story Behind the Magical Unicorn Quilt

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Jul 13th 2017

The Magical Unicorn Quilt is big, bright, and bubbly—and not Becky Goldsmith's usual style.

When Becky's daughter-in-law Celia first requested a quilt for Christmas, she had very specific instructions: "There had to be a big rainbow, a happy unicorn, and lots of pink—and it had to be big enough to snuggle under." 

Although the request was very far from the appliqué quilts that Becky usually makes, she got to work. It wasn't until about halfway through that she started to get really excited about making it. As she says, "Unicorns are magical and happy—just looking at it makes me grin! Thank you, Celia!"

You too, will be grinning ear to ear while you stitch this cheerful quilt for the unicorn-loving family member or friend in your life (or maybe for yourself)!

And yes, you can make yours big enough to snuggle under, whether you want a baby quilt, throw quilt, twin quilt, or queen-size quilt. Instructions for all sizes are included. 

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