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The Story Behind Stitch & Sew

Posted by Aneela Hoey on Jun 22nd 2018

Hello, my name is Aneela Hoey, and this month sees the release of my third book, Stitch & Sew. I’m so happy to finally have the finished copy in my hands and can’t wait to share the details with you!

The projects in the new book combine two of my favorite things to do: embroidery and making pouches. Over the years I have spent countless hours happily stitching away on many embroidered pieces with no idea of how I will use them once they are finished. All of these pieces now live stashed away in a big red embroidery box in my sewing room. I’ve tried time and again to incorporate them into my sewing projects, but they never seem to fit any of the projects I want to make. I decided it was time to write some new patterns where I developed a sequence of instructions that kept the sewing project in mind when starting the embroidery. After stitching, I simply cut out the remaining pattern pieces and sewed up the project. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop! Suddenly I had all of these beautifully stitched embroidered pieces made up into practical items that I could use and enjoy everyday.

The sewing projects in the book have been deliberately kept to simple, basic items that have endless uses: a drawstring pouch, clutch, flex case, change purse, and zipper pouch. The idea is that you quickly end up with a repertoire of default projects to make over and over again. Each sewing project is presented in six variations, each with a different embroidery and fabric combination. Simply choose the embroidery you like best and get stitching!

In addition to the projects there is a comprehensive embroidery basics section and a skill-builder project designed to get you thinking and stitching creatively. With plenty of both basic and advanced stitches and techniques, this book is ideal for all skill levels.

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