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The Cosplay Book of Ballgowns Book Tour

Posted by Regan Cerato & Kelley Kullman on Sep 19th 2022

Hello and welcome to the magical world of ballgowns! We're Regan and Kelley, better known in the cosplay world as Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay. Our cosplay journey over the past twenty years has taken us through all sorts of different creative endeavors and projects, from wig styling to moldmaking to armor construction. And for our third book we've decided to touch on one of our favorite and most far-reaching topics: a head to toe guide to cosplay ballgowns!


11480_blogtour_"The World of Gwendana"

Photo: The World of Gwendana

Cosplayer: Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

Costume: Seraphim from Sakizou Arts

From fairytale princesses to elegant rococo nobility, a beautiful ballgown is the key to bringing so many characters to life. These gowns come in all shapes and sizes - from a-line to cupcake, from short to long, corseted, hooped, and everything in between!

11480_blogtour_"Sam Saturn"

Photo: Sam Saturn

Cosplayer: Pearly Bae Cosplay

Costume: The Voidfish from The Adventure Zone (original design)

Overwhelmed by all the choices? Don't worry: every gown begins with important fundamentals and construction tricks that you can apply to any future project, no matter the character or source material. With this book we'll teach you how to evaluate and modify commercial patterns, draft skirts, assemble corsets, choose undergarments, and design details. Intended for both newcomers and journeyman level crafters, this approach to garment construction aims to elevate your creative and construction skills!

11480_blogtour_"Felix Dandy"

Photo: Felix Dandy

Cosplayer: CocoaSugar Cosplay

Costume: Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena (original design)

The Cosplay Book of Ballgowns focuses on the planning skills and decision making process that plays such a huge role in our own creations - stepping you through the "whys" and "hows" needed to tackle elaborate, multipart cosplay ballgowns. Covering planning, undergarments, skirts, bodices, and embellishments, these instructions are presented alongside inspirational photography from a variety of amazing cosplayers. This 128 page read breaks down the core components of the ballgowns we love, all in one place that you can reference again and again for a variety of future projects. Grab your favorite pattern, assemble your tools, and let's get started!

11480_blogtour_"Solita D Photo"

Photo: Solita D Photo

Cosplayer: Artemistyck

Costume: Glinda from The Wizard of Oz

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Comment your dream cosplay ballgown below for a chance to win an ebook copy of The Cosplay Book of Ballgowns! We will announce the winner on this post on Monday, Sept. 26, so make sure to check back in!


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