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The Benefits of Being a Maker

Posted by Maria Shell on Oct 30th 2017

Excerpt from Improv Patchwork: Dynamic Quilts Made with Line and Shape by Maria Shell.

As a maker, you understand that there is inherent good in the act of making. You know that making things makes you feel good about yourself and the world. There are three parts to this making—the head, the heart, and the hands. Strive to cultivate all three parts of your maker self. With your head, you learn new ideas—thinking through what you are doing and learning from your mistakes. You manifest those ideas in the form of the quilt.

Boulevard by Maria Shell. Photo by Chris Arend.

Treasure Map by Maria Shell. Photo by Chris Arend.

With your heart, you bring the essence of yourself into your work. Without the heart, there is no love. Your heart holds your deepest desires and meanings. You must actively strive to understand what those things are.

Good Vibrations by Maria Shell. Photo by Chris Arend.

Road Runner by Maria Shell.

Meanwhile, the head needs to listen to the heart. This can sometimes be hard to do. The heart does not always speak in words. You must train your head to listen carefully to your heart, so that they can work together. The hands are the craft of what you do; take pride in beautifully executing your work through cutting, stitching, and pressing.

A view of Maria’s studio. Photo by Paul Scannel. 

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