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The Art of Mixing Textiles in Quilts

Posted by Lynn Schmitt on Apr 19th 2018

Excerpt from The Art of Mixing Textiles in Quilts by Lynn Schmitt of A Different Box of Crayons. 

So where do I find inspiration? In a world so rich in visual treasure, maybe the better question is where do I not? It surrounds us every day. With this book, I hope to inspire you and enable you to open your mind and heart to yet another new facet of our quilting world: mixed-medium textiles (like silks, wools, linens, and home decor fabrics). It isn’t really a new concept. It’s an old one revisited with new eyes. It is not the intent of this volume to discourage you from using cotton—quite the contrary. It is only to ask you to consider adding to your cotton world. The possibilities truly are endless, and the hues that different textures of fabrics lend to our palette give a whole new depth to the colors in which we play. Certainly there is much to be learned, but it is mostly common sense (and a lot of trial and error). I am excited! I know I have only scratched the surface in terms of the possibilities this eclectic textile world holds, and I hope you, too, will enjoy playing with my box of crayons.

Umbrian Fields Throw

Umbrian Fields Throw

 Market Tote

Bohemian Dance Wallhanging

Sisters Throw

Echoes of Italy Runner

Dividends Table Topper