Tackle Curves with These Free Projects!

Tackle Curves with These Free Projects!

Posted by John Kubiniec on Feb 13th 2017

Afraid of curves? You shouldn’t be. With a little practice they are really very easy to sew and can give you a lot of design options. I once was afraid of curves, but I overcame that fear and now I love them. Here are two quick and easy patterns featuring Drunkard’s Path Blocks—it’s the same block in two different colorways and arranged differently.

Wave Table Runner and Snake Table Runner

Because curves are involved in these blocks you will need to use some sort of template to cut out the various pieces.

I prefer to use commercially made templates (I use templates made by Marti Michell) because I find it easier, quicker, and more accurate to use these in cutting a large number of these blocks. But if you just aren't sure curved piecing is for you, and you don’t want to invest in templates yet, you can easily make templates out of template plastic. I recommend using C&T’s Visi-GRID Quilters Template Sheets.

In my book A New Spin on Drunkard's PathI provide detailed pictures on how to create your own.

When using templates created from template plastic you will trace the shapes onto your fabric with a marking tool that leaves a distinct line and then cut the pieces out with scissors. If you are using commercial templates you can easily cut them out with a rotary cutter.

You can also use die-cutting machines that cut out fabric pieces for Drunkard's Path blocks (AccuQuilt Go Cutter, Sizzix, etc). The fabric yardage for these patterns is based on 6" finished blocks. If you are using a die-cutting machine, you might need to adjust the yardage, because their blocks might be a different size.

Once you have your block components cut out, sewing curves is really not that difficult. 

Ready to give it a try? Sure, go for it!. Download the cutting and piecing directions for the two table runners (see below) here. Experiment with your own layout and see what you can create. Have fun and enjoy!

Snake Table Runner

Wave Table Runner

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