Stylish Sewing with Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr

Stylish Sewing with Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr

Posted by Sara Gunn and Julie Starr on Sep 12th 2019

Knowing which garments to sew is the first step in creating your customized wardrobe. As we reflect on classic garments, we are drawn to archetypal designs—the blueprints of fashion that continue to evolve and inspire today’s fashion trends. . . We will study the history, characteristics, sewing tips, fabric suggestions, how to style, and who wore it, for 30 classic garment styles:

1. A-Line Skirt

2. Gored Skirt

3. Pencil Skirt

4. Full Skirt

5. Button-Up Shirt

6. T-Shirt

7. Turtleneck

8. Bateau Neckline Top and Dress

9. Tunic

10. Cardigan Sweater

11. Twin Sweater Set

12. Shift Dress

13. Sheath Dress

14. A-Line Dress

15. Trapeze Dress

16. Fit and Flare Dress

17. Wrap Dress

18. Shirtdress

19. Halter Dress or Top

20. Jeans

21. Fitted and Straight Tailored Trousers

22. Wide-Leg and Flared Tailored Trousers

23. Palazzo Pants

24. Capri Pants

25. Jeans-Style Jacket

26. Blazer

27. Trench Coat

28. French Jacket

29. Menswear Pajamas

30. Wraps

Whether you are seeking economical relief, a fit that flatters your shape, styles that reflect your taste, or a general creative outlet, sewing your clothes provides all of the above. Our re-entry into the fashion sewing scene began with the goal to save money, but soon we learned to fit ourselves and people took notice of our flattering clothes.

“Did you lose weight?” or “Whose design are you wearing?” and “That is the most beauti- ful color.” . . .

We wrote A Stylish Guide to Classic Sewing to trigger sewing mojo and awaken your personal style by presenting 30 timeless garments, which have endured the test of time and carried dozens of trends through the decades. Whether you are an aspiring or dedicated home sewer, our book will serve as your guide to sewing a functional and fashionable wardrobe.

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