Stories in Fabric and Thread

Stories in Fabric and Thread

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Oct 9th 2015

Learn how to create your own Thread Stories from fiber artist Jennifer Day. As she says in the book:

“Quilts are wonderful stories told by a fiber artist. In days gone by, quilts were covers for the bed, lovingly created by a mother, grandmother, or a friend who wanted to tell a story in fabric. The tale could have been utilitarian in its roots or it could have been a labor of love. Either way, the creator spent many hours working with a needle making the quilt.”

From selecting the right photograph to how to finished your stitched Thread Story, Jennifer leads you step by step on a journey of storytelling through thread with detailed photos and text.

Credit: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs by Jennifer Day, 41’’ x 37’’, 2014
Family pets are ideal for Thread Story quilts. Photo by Jennifer Day.

Credit: Los Mambesis by Jennifer Day, 38’’ x 32’’, 2012
This quilt is based on a photograph the author took of an old man on the plaza in Havana, Cuba. Photo by Jennifer Day.

While the book focuses on portraits of people and pets, the techniques can be applied to any subject.

Credit: Tibetan Treasure by Jennifer Day, 36’’ x 28’’, 2013, based on an original photo by Branden Gunum
A monk holds a bowl in his hands. The dirt under his fingernails tells a story. Photo by Jennifer Day.

Start your Thread Story journey today! The book is now available on; purchase Thread Stories here

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