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Spotlight on Valerie S. Goodwin

Jun 12th 2020

Today, we would like to share and celebrate one of our incredible Black creators- Valerie S. Goodwin! During this time of unrest and conflict, we want to amplify the Black voices in our industry and all the incredible work they do. Please enjoy the designs and creation in Art Quilt Maps

"I hope that people reading my book understand my journey and my passion for fusing the artistry of maps, architectural thinking, and the craft of creating with fiber. Most of all I hope that people will want to find their own voice, despite the fact that it takes courage and hard work." - Valerie, Create Whimsy

All about her work: 

"My work is known for its use of intricate lines and shapes which create complex fiber art maps. Closer inspection of my work shows that these patterns are city blocks and landscapes inspired by aerial views of real and imaginary places. I combine my love of architecture and draw inspiration from architectural maps, plans, and concepts.

Recently, I have added a series of fiber art maps that explore the possibilities of laser cut fabric. I am intrigued by the intricacy and complexity of the lines and shapes this technology can create. This new direction has given me the opportunity to further explore layering and transparency as well as light and shadow by creating what I call “lace-like” maps. Although it is a new direction, my work still focuses on the geometrical relationships, patterns & ordering principles found in architecture." - Valerie, The Studio Art Quilts

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