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Social Media Savvy Andie Solar Brings Photography Course to Creative Spark Online Learning

Jun 2nd 2022

Andie Solar is a fiber artist, designer, Creative Spark Instructor and lover of all things crafty and creative. She is the irrepressibly joyful and creative force behind the popular Myra & Jean design studio and the author of Pretty Punch Needle. She teaches punch needle courses on Skillshare, sells punch needle kits on Etsy, is the host of the Makers Chat podcast and has over 70K devoted followers on Instagram. She is originally from Slovakia and currently resides in Seattle, WA.


As a small business owner and lover of crafts, Andie is a certifiably savvy social media user — and you can be too with her course, Photography for Social Media. 

Here is what Chelly Wood had to say about Andie's course: "Now I have a better idea about which photo editing apps do what, and how to use them. The timing for this course was perfect for me, as I've been thinking about switching from an iPhone to an Android. And I learned a lot about how to use the various features on my camera as well."

Step inside her classroom...

Photography for Social Media


Take the perfect picture every time! Are you a crafter, quiltmaker, or even a small business owner? Social media is now essential for artists and entrepreneurs to effectively promote their work to audiences. Capturing the perfect photo can be daunting, but Andie Solar is here to teach you step-by-step how to frame your work in the best light possible.


Think you need an expensive camera. Think again. These professional-looking photos are ALL possible on your smartphone! Learn how to properly light, style, and adjust the settings on your phone to snap your photo. Then, learn how to post-process your pictures in phone applications. The best advice, accessories, and apps are all at your fingertips!

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