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Sew Handy

Posted by Jeanie German on Jan 31st 2017

Pop quiz: Which choice below isn’t a real sewing machine foot?

A. Zigzag stitch
B. Overcast
C. Loop stitch
D. Pin-tuck

Just kidding … there’s no quiz. But owning a handy list of sewing machine feet, including what they’re used for, would be pretty cool, right? Or having an explanation of machine needle sizes, thread types, and other notions at your fingertips? And what about fabric?

Sewing Supplies Handy Pocket Guide by Carla Hegeman Crim is a cut-to-the-chase, easy-to-follow book of 65+ tips and facts for tools, notions, and materials. This essential mini book is just 3 1/2˝ x 5 1/2˝, so it can fit in your bag, next to your sewing machine, or anywhere else you might need it for a quick reference.

Sometimes all you need is a simple answer (What kind of thread is appropriate for a swimsuit project? What batting works for table runners?) instead of a chapter-long explanation. If that’s the case, I suggest this helpful, little pocket guide.

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