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Sew Emoji Blog Tour Kickoff!

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Apr 1st 2019

Welcome to the Sew Emoji blog tour kickoff!

Let me start by saying that writing Sew Emoji wasn’t necessarily my idea. I’m a quilter, and I’ve written bag patterns, but I’m also the Creative Director at C&T Publishing. When Sue (our amazingly ideaphoric project manager and author) pointed out that there really should be an emoji quilt book and promptly declined to write one, I volunteered. Really, it was a no-brainer. My twelve-year-old daughter loves emojis! :)

Okay… I also use emojis a lot myself. ;)

I had a lot of fun with the book. I wanted to write it so that anyone could be successful with the projects—new quilters and appliqué aficionados alike. AND the projects had to be fast. Maybe there are quilters who would dedicate months to putting together something as kitschy as an emoji quilt, but I’m not one of them!

I used interfacing to turn the edges of the faces and then fusible appliqué for the features. I kept the quilting to a minimum to make that fast as well. The quilt took a solid weekend to make. The pillows and pillowcase are much quicker. The pillowcase in particular is something I’m proud of. The technique is both easy and thoughtful, and the end result is a high-quality, well-made pillowcase with all of the seams enclosed.

When it came time to put the book together, our creative photographer found a wonderful model, and she shot what we’d planned to be the front cover. We had been picturing a bedroom set with the model leaning against the side of the bed, but the photographer wasn’t in the cover meeting. When the cover designer presented the front cover using that cute photo, I realized it had all gone bad… My daughter has a footboard on her bed, so I put all of my least favorite emojis on the bottom edge of the quilt so they’d usually be covered. When I looked at that cover shot all I could see were dizzy, grimacing, and barf faces, with a little crying face thrown in on the chair! Oh no! It’s really a great photo, but we just couldn’t put it on the cover. Now it lives boldly and perfectly on page one.

To see what other awesome quilters are making with Sew Emoji (and which emojis are their favorites!) follow along with our blog tour: 

Monday 4/1: C&T Publishing at

Tuesday 4/2: Teri Lucas at

Wednesday 4/3: Kelly Nagel at

Thursday 4/4: Susan Arnold at

Friday 4/5: Pat Sloan at

I encourage you to follow along and have fun with the mix-and-match features, creating your own fabulous faces! You can even enter our giveaway to win an ebook copy of Sew Emoji HERE. And remember, you can put the barf face anywhere you want!

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