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Sew a wardrobe for your 14’’-15’’ doll!

Posted by Beth Baumgartel on Sep 14th 2021

Dress your special doll in style! When you want the best dressed 14’’-15’’ doll, turn to Erin Hentzel’s Doll Studio Boutique, for inspiration. With 16 categories of clothing and over 48 different items, you can make an entire wardrobe of mix and match pieces for your (or your favorite someone’s) doll. 

Full-size patterns are provided and the book includes projects for all sewing levels. Beginner projects are indicated by a single sewing level icon, but there are also advanced projects (3 or 4 sewing level with icons) that have the same design details, like collars, buttons, embellishments, that you find on your own clothes! 

There is so much variety, from simple elastic waist pants and skirts, to fabulous dresses, and even pajamas! There are cute accessories too, like slippers, headbands, tote bags, and hats, for every outfit. And, the simple step-by-step photos guide you.


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