Set a Gorgeous Table with Tantalizing Table Toppers

Set a Gorgeous Table with Tantalizing Table Toppers

Posted by Judy Gauthier on Dec 20th 2019

I love to set a beautiful table. Maybe that’s because I am not a great cook! I have recently finished my latest book Tantalizing Table Toppers. I have always dreamed of doing a book on tablescaping, so doing a book on table runners and some related accessories was a dream come true!

One of my favorite activities is frequenting estate sales. So often at estate sales, people will go for the big items such as snowblowers, lawnmowers and tools. I am not in the least bit interested in those things. I want the vintage table linens. I want the vintage glass ware, and I want the silverware. The real stuff.

No one wants to polish silver anymore. No one wants items for the kitchen or dining room that don’t go in the dishwasher. I do. Those are the knit picky items that I love. They make the difference between a nice table and a smashing, knock out beautiful table setting. Combine this with a gorgeous table runner and napkins, and you have something special. Nothing tells your guests “welcome” like a table set up that way.

One of my favorite runners from the book is The Textured Table.

The reason I love this runner is because texture makes all the difference. These faux furs and canvasses are completely machine washable. If food splatters on them, it doesn’t matter. They can be washed easily. The texture and the lack of “flatness” makes the table feel warm, and slightly wild!

This runner combined with a statue of a deer and some candles, and maybe some antlers would be amazing over the holidays.

My next favorite runner is “Hippity Hop to the Candy Shop” and I love it for the exact opposite reason as the one above!

I love the simplicity of the solids and negative space used in this runner. I did some really fun quilting on this. I would love to see this used over the holidays with a candy themed table. I can see a canning jar filled with brightly colored candy in the jar. I love the use of confetti at the table, so sparkle confetti scattered around would be fun with this too. Adding a jar of lolli-pops to the center would also add height to the design.

Every kitchen needs a chicken! That’s why I made What Came First? It’s a fun chicken table runner. I would decorate the table with some wire baskets and some fake or real eggs in them!

No matter what you choose to make, this book has it all. What a bang for your buck. 20 different projects. It inspired me to start a tablescaping contest here in our small town of Ripon Wisconsin. We have an annual weekend Christmas celebration or festival here in Ripon. Next year it will be 30 years that we have done this. It is run by the Chamber of Commerce. So next year, we are doing an event of tablescaping! I can’t wait to do this. Have fun with this book. 


Order Tantalizing Table Toppers here!

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