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Seeing Other Projects

Posted by Jen Lopez on May 13th 2020

Many times when I’m working on a big project, I’ll just set it aside for a bit. It’s not because I don’t still love it and certainly not because I’m not interested in it being completed. In fact, I’m often VERY anxious for it to get done, especially if it’s intended to be a gift for someone else. Many times, I just need a break from the intensity of the relationship. Some projects are very complicated, with intricate fussy details. Other projects are just the opposite – they are infinitely boring and monotonous. Either way, sometimes I just need a break.

A break can be something simple and quick, like a fun pot holder made from the scraps currently sitting on my cutting table – who can bear to throw all those little pieces away? A break can be a different kind of craft altogether. I often like to take a “knit break” if I’m working on a big quilting project. Knitting is so portable and very easy to set down then pick back up. But knitting can be the one that needs to be broken up with, too. Hundreds and hundreds of stitches and barely 1⁄4” of progress? A quilted table topper will fix that... a few quick seams and you have a finished project! Take THAT, anything made from sock yarn.

It all really just depends upon my mood. Am I feeling patient? Lazy? Indifferent? Inspired? Stressed? Wildly creative? I don’t know. Whatever I am feeling for today, I’m sure I have the perfect project already started somewhere.


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