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Scrappy Wonky, Wow! Live Quilt Block Classes for All Crafters

Posted by Betsy Friedrich on Jun 9th 2022

Do you struggle to sit down at your sewing machine and create? The prep work required to actually sew can be so daunting! What if I told you that you could grab a box of scraps, sit down and sew right now - right this minute and not even have to think much about it?

If your interest has peaked, head on over to Creative Spark as the next installment of Shannon and Jason’s Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Bonanza class is coming up on Saturday, June 18th at 1 pm PST/3 pm EST.

Shannon and Jason_BIO

Scrappy Wonky Blocks is an expansion on the “Colors of My Pride Quilt” already featured on Creative Spark. Each class focuses on a specific block that will later be combined to make the most fantastic scrappy wonky sampler you’ve ever seen! June 18th features the “Oh My Stars! #1 Ninja Star” block.

While waiting for that to roll around, you can log on to Creative Spark and catch up on the previous two classes featuring “Scrappy Wonky Log cabin and Four Corners” and “Scrappy Wonky Pineapple.” But I would like to warn you — once you learn how to make these blocks, you will not want to stop at just one. This is the kind of semi-mindless, meditative sewing that melts worries and dreams fabulously colored dreams. (Semi-mindless only because, legally, we here at C&T Publishing probably shouldn’t tell you to check out while operating heavy machinery and sharp objects….)

The first class, Scrappy Wonky Log Cabin and Four Corners, focuses on letting loose, grabbing that scrap stash, and sewing. Shannon describes it as “Pedal to the Medal” sewing, and she’s not kidding. The less you think about the fabric you pick out, the better the overall look of this scrappy quilt will be! Unless you’re like me and you’re thinking about all the memories of the fabric in your hand. I had a nice trip down memory lane with some scraps from my very first quilt, scraps from my late-grandmothers stash, the Disney princess quilt I made my daughter, the fabric I used in an Elsa costume - that, for the love of all things holy, I will never make again!! (Pardon me, I’m reaching back for my zen chill moment…)

Before I knew it, I was chain-piecing these log cabin blocks like the boss-of-that machine I am - I couldn’t stop! I have at least 10 in progress right now. My biggest challenge was actually making the blocks wonky. It’s so ingrained in me to straighten and square up my quilts that the first few blocks ended up looking pretty darn square despite my efforts.

BetsyF_Block 01

The freedom to let go of straight seams and square cuts makes this a great exercise for the perfectionist quilter or an excellent starter project for the beginning sewist/quilter. “Mistakes” make these blocks even better! 

BetsyF_Block 02

The second class, Scrappy Wonky Pineapple, fell over my daughter’s birthday, but no worries - the great thing about Creative Spark is that you don’t have to make it to the live class to be able to enjoy the content. (Although attending live and interacting with the class is so much fun - it’s totally worth making the effort!) Shannon and Jason edit the live class down in sizable step-by-step chunks that make the class easy to follow if you couldn’t catch the class live. 

BetsyF_Block 03

You can even continue to ask questions throughout the course in Shannon and Jason’s Community group on Creative Spark. You’re automatically added to the community when you enroll in the class. There, you can ask questions directly to Shannon and Jason. It’s also a great place to share what you’ve done and see the other fantastic fabric and color combinations your classmates created. 

This blog post is written by Administrative Assistant Betsy Friedrich (she\her).

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