Scrappy and Bold: Modern Projects using Wool and Cotton

Scrappy and Bold: Modern Projects using Wool and Cotton

Posted by Tonya Alexander on Mar 22nd 2021

It is time to break a few rules! You CAN mix wool and cotton and you CAN feature wool appliqué in modern projects. Come along with me to reimagine what you can do with wool appliqué – or maybe give it try for the very first time.

Hi there, I’m Tonya Alexander and I am so excited to share with you my upcoming release of my first project with C&T, Modern Wool: 12 Appliqué Projects to Get You Stitching.

My goal in quilting has always been to make what I love and love what I make – so for me, that usually means scrappy and bold. My heart lives for scrap quilts and most of my designs are very scrap-forward, so when I started creating wool appliqué designs, I wanted to combine my favorite scrap fabrics and bright, bold, vibrant wool appliqué in more modern projects.

The 12 projects include an assortment of things including tabletop items, sewing notions, pillows, and more - even a clock! And to double your inspiration, I present all 12 projects in both light, or what I refer to as low volume, and dark versions. So, there are 24 projects to tempt you into giving it a try! If scrappy is not your thing, that’s o.k., too. I’ve also included single fabric sizing options for all the backgrounds on the projects so you can make each project uniquely your own.

In addition to the projects themselves, we cover basic materials and stitching instructions, as well as a closer look at how we see and perceive color, particularly how the backgrounds we choose can have major design impact on our projects.

Whether you are a seasoned stitcher looking for your next inspiration or are ready to give your very first wool appliqué project a try, I hope you will check out Modern Wool and come away inspired!

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Happy stitching!



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