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Sarah and Sophie are at it again…

Posted by Carol Dean Jones on May 7th 2020

Beneath Missouri Stars, the eleventh book in the Quilting Cozy series by Carol Dean Jones, and is now available! 

Beneath Missouri Stars introduces a new character, Ashton Bailey, who is a renowned country music singer from Sophie’s hometown. A small, private concert is planned at the retirement community’s nursing home, and it’s all Sarah can do to keep an ecstatic Sophie from spreading the word.

The day of the concert arrives, but at the last minute, everything goes awry. And, as always (and to the chagrin of the local police department), Sarah and her feisty cohort Sophie come to the rescue.

Again, we find Sarah and Sophie quilting, solving mysteries, and getting the most out of their retirement years.

This series takes place in a lively retirement community in the Midwest. Cunningham Village offers Sarah and her eclectic array of cohorts a community filled with opportunities. They learn new skills, find creative hobbies, develop relationships, and sometimes find themselves in questionable circumstances as they attempt to solve crimes that probably should be left to the local authorities.

Being a cozy, the books in this series focus more on relationships than mysteries, but every book includes a crime to be solved and surprising twists and turns.

Also in keeping with the definition of a cozy, these books center around a group of friends involved in a hobby – in this case, quilting.

Every book in the series has a quilt on the cover created by the author and that Sarah, Sophie, and their quilt club friends create as part of the plot.

As a bonus, each book includes instructions to make the featured quilt.

The characters in the Quilting Cozy series are in their seventies and are sometimes faced with issues of aging, but they find creative ways of dealing with these issues.

The books in this series don’t need to be read in order – each story stands alone. But if you enjoy Beneath Missouri Stars, we suggest that you go back and start from the beginning (Tie Died).That way, you will get to know the characters from the time they meet each other, and you can enjoy being a part of their lives as their relationships grow.

The first ten books in the series are shown below. They are available in print and ebook format from the publisher (C&T Publishing), from Amazon, and from major book stores and quilt shops around the country.

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Carol Dean Jones

Author, A Quilting Cozy series


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