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Quilting vs. Cooking

Posted by Jen Lopez on Mar 18th 2020

I have a confession to make. I hate cooking. I do like eating, but I find meal preparation to be a total bore. It’s not the time it takes – I’m content to spend countless hours on a quilting project. It’s not the expense – you don’t even want to see my last quilt shop receipt. I just don’t find it rewarding. Let’s take a look at other ways Quilting is better than Cooking:

1. When you finished a quilt, it’s done – yeah! But dinner? Well, you just have to make it again tomorrow and the next night and the night after that…

2. With cooking, you inevitably end up getting your hands wet and that’s gross. With quilting, you get to pet pretty fabrics and nice fluffy batting. Nothing gross there.

3. Food goes bad – and quickly too. Quilt fabric lasts forever. I’m 100% certain I still have fabric in my stash that’s still rockin’ the 80’s… I’m looking at YOU rainbow panda prints. But those green beans I bought last week with the best of intentions, they are still in the back of the fridge and it’s not looking good.

4. With cooking, if you make a mistake – it’s over. I remember one time I recently made biscuits for my Southern Hubby and being distracted as I was, I accidentally used baking soda instead of baking powder…. they were ruined! He was polite (or possibly hungry) enough to eat them anyway, but in my opinion they were a salty, gross mess. With Quilting, if you make a mistake, you can either pick it out or just go with it… you were just being creative!

5. Cooking requires a zillion widgets, pots pan, utensils, etc. all in a myriad of sizes. Although it is possible to go nuts with quilting “accessories”, at the end of the day all you need is any old sewing machine and a hand needle. That’s it. Well, maybe some kind of cutting implement but even so, that’s just 3 things. I still sew absolutely everything I make on one old 1953 Singer sewing machine.

6. Cooking requires a “recipe”…. otherwise who knows what inedible concoction you are going to end up foisting on your unsuspecting family. With quilting, you can literally wing it. There are many types of quilts that are simply that, such as the Crazy Quilt, Scrappy, Patchwork, etc.

7. After you cook a meal, you have to clean up. With quilting, you never have to clean up… see the above cartoon.

I think I’ve made my point here today. So turn off the Food Network, clear off the kitchen table and whip up another quilt!

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