Quilting Tips: Backstitching seams

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When piecing blocks, quilters take a personal approach to backstitching their seams. A common method is not to backstitch when seams will cross. However, if backstitching is desired, here is one way to minimize the multiple layers of stitches:

Insert the sewing machine needle about the length of 3 stitches into the seam line, while maintaining your seam allowance width. Sew backwards for 3 stitches, then stitch forward down the length of the seam. With this method, there are two lines of stitches on top of each other, which produces less bulk than 3 lines of stitching would within the seam allowance. Also, it is easier to keep the fabric edges from being sucked down into the feed dog using this method.

Anita Grossman Solomon describes this method in her book, Rotary Cutting Revolution.

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