Quilting Row by Row

Quilting Row by Row

Posted by Liz Aneloski on Aug 9th 2017

Excerpt from Quilting Row by Row: 27 Skill-Building Techniques by Jeanette White and Erin Hamilton.

A few years ago, we made a beautiful row quilt with a group of students as a class. The group worked on one row a month, with the goal to finish the quilt by the end of the year. Many of our students were complete beginners when we started. We had such a great time and could not believe how much everyone learned by the end of the year. We decided that not only was our row quilt beautiful when completed, but that it was a fantastic teaching quilt.

So, here we are now, using it in this book to teach you many of our favorite quilting techniques and tips that really work. Each row chapter has instructions to complete one row, but you can make multiples of a single row and create an entire quilt.

Our hope is that you continue to make quilt after quilt of your own designs using the individual row patterns in different ways. The possibilities are endless!

Piper’s Girls Row Quilt

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