Quilting Row by Row Giveaway

Quilting Row by Row Giveaway

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Sep 24th 2018

Looking for quilting inspiration? Look no further! Quilting Row by Row by Jeanette White and Erin Hamilton shows you how to grow you quilting skills as you stitch up a modern and playful row quilt. Start with simple patches and work your way up the complex appliqué shown off in the middle row.

To get you started, we're giving away an ebook copy of Quilting Row by Row, along with a Moda Cottontail Cottage Fat Eighth Bundle. Plus, we're sharing some of Jeanette and Erin's best quilting tips!

• For accuracy, always use a 1/4 ̋ foot on your machine as a guide rather than the throat plate or a piece of tape.

• The trick to stitching perfect diagonal seams is keeping the dog-ear intact so you create a 1/4 ̋ seam allowance for the next seam. This is the secret to keeping the points perfect. Aim for the points to hit right at the seamline.

• To get the points on Dresden Plates nice and sharp, use an awl to tease each point out from the right side. This is a far better way to get a perfect point than pushing it from the other side with something sharp—you are likely to poke a hole and damage the Dresden spoke that way.

• When turning corners, it is very helpful to use the needle-down option if you have it.

• For very small appliqué pieces, trim the seam allowance a little bit smaller than 1/4 ̋.

• When choosing colors, remember that the row will be far more vibrant if you use a full range of light to dark fabrics with lots of contrast. Don’t be afraid of using black.

• As you complete each row, label it with a row number and mark the right-hand side so that you do not end up flipping the row upside down. This extra step will save you a great deal of time and make the process go more smoothly.

• Always press the seams toward the sashing or borders. If you press toward a row, the seam may appear crooked because there are so many intersecting seams.

Enter the giveaway here: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/9f48298e204/?. This giveaway will end on Tuesday, 9/25, and the winner will be announced on Thursday, 9/27. It is open to US residents only.

Good luck!

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