Quilted Architecture

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Aug 1st 2017

In her fourth book, Fabulous Facades, Gloria Loughman turns her attention to architecture. Recreate your own real or imagined buildings in fabric, starting with small sections that are easy to work with. Use raw-edge appliqué to attach the sections to a base, and voilà, you’ve created your own masterpiece. 

Learn the art of color and perspective while using one of the patterns from the book or creating your own design from a photo using Gloria’s step-by-step instructions. 

Photo of the seaside cottage

Simplified drawing of the cottage

Seaside Cottage
by Gloria Loughman in fabric

No need to limit yourself to just buildings; you can use the technique for boats, cars, and more. 

Cargo Ship
by Gloria Loughman

by Donna M. MacDonald

Now you can memorialize your own memories in your favorite fabrics.

All photos by Tony Loughman

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