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Quilt Your Day Job

Posted by Jen Lopez on May 4th 2022


I’m sure I speak for many creative people when I say I am always planning for ways to quit my day job. How great would it be to play with fabric all day AND get paid to do it? Hang on to your hexagons for just a for just a minute, though. Are you really ready to give up the security of a paycheck for the creative life? Consider the following:

  • The Buffer – The general words of wisdom are that you should have at least 6 months of living expenses saved up before taking the plunge. More conservative estimates put that number at 1 to 2 years! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had that much money saved in my entire life. If you can’t save up that much cash, then you’ll have to start up the hard way and that is as a side hustle.
  • Have a Plan – You don’t need to have a business plan that is worthy of an MBA program, but you should have some kind of plan. “Sell my stuff online” is not a plan. How many of your widgets would you need to sell to make your monthly household expenses? Can you even produce that many on a regular basis, and more importantly – would you want to? It’s one thing to make 5 or even 10 of that adorable upcycled fabric purse, but how do you feel about 1000?
  • Friends and Family – Friends and family are great for barbeques and holiday gift swaps but stay away from them when starting a business. No one will kill your buzz faster than an allegedly well-meaning family member. They will nay-say your entire endeavor because they “don’t want you to be disappointed when you fail”. It’s best just to keep them all in the dark.
  • It’s Actually More Work – If you want to quit you day job to make cupcake cozies because work is so tedious, keep in mind that your startup will be more work than your day job for years to come. That’s why most people maintain regular jobs. However, if you can stay focused, skirt around going broke, endure the hours and not give up, you may be in for the most rewarding experience of your life.

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