Princess TAP™ T-shirt Project by Lesley Riley

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Author and creator of TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper, Lesley Riley, is sharing the “how-to-do” for this adorably embellished t-shirt so you can create one for the princess in your life. With the use of TAP™, this t-shirt project is easy and the image on it will last unchanged through multiple washings. Not that a princess would get dirty…

Read on for project instructions…

Princess TAP™ T-Shirt

Designed by Lesley Riley


  • TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper
  • Iron
  • 1 blank white T-shirt
  • 6” sq of coordinating fabric
  • 6” sq of gold lame fabric
  • 2- 6” squares of Wonder Under or similar fusible
  • Scissors
  • Masking or low-tack painters tape
  • 2 sheets of clean copy or parchment paper
  • Optional: sewing machine


1. Pre-wash t-shirt to pre-shrink.

2. Inkjet print photo and text (in reverse) onto TAP, cutting each into separate pieces, and trim off excess un-printed TAP.

3. Iron front of t-shirt to smooth transfer area.

4. Insert clean sheet of paper in between t-shirt front & back to prevent any ink transfer.

5. Center TAPed photo on it face down on t-shirt and tape TAP into place. Cover surface with clean paper.

6. Iron TAPed photo on to t-shirt following TAP directions. Peel 0ff TAP backing, ensuring the image has fully bonded to t-shirt to maximize washability (you can’t really use too hot of an iron or apply heat for too long).

7. Iron TAPed text following steps 5 & 6.

8. Iron Wonder Under to wrong side of fabric and lame.

9. Cut 3 triangles from fabric to create crown. Fuse triangles to lame.

10. Cut fabric triangles from lame leaving a slight lame border.

11. Fuse triangles onto photo to create a crown.

12. If hands are showing in your photo, cut a thin strip of fabric for scepter and a star from lame.

13. Fuse fabric strip in position. Fuse star onto tip of strip.

14. Machine stitch fused appliqués in place.

15. Add additional embellishments (optional).

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