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Playing With Patchwork and Sewing

Posted by Karla Menaugh on Feb 10th 2020

What's the first clue that this is not your grandma's how-to-quilt book?

It could be the Glossapendium (Pfft, that's totally a word. It's obviously a Glossary and a Compendium smooshed together.)? Or the tools list, which includes Hermione's wand (perfect for smoothing those blocks onto the high corners of your design wall).

But most likely, it's the wide array of projects, which will draw you in whether you are just starting to learn quilting or have been making quilts for years.

 Helloooo Hexie! Floor Pillow

Nicole Calver's Playing with Patchwork & Sewing explains some of the most useful techniques in a quilter's repertoire—English paper piecing (EPP), Y-seams, foundation paper piecing, curved piecing, half-square triangles made 3 different ways, Dresden Plate blocks, and basic patchwork ranging from one-patch construction to complex blocks with more than 40 pieces.

Hidden-Agenda Pocket Place Mat, featuring the 41-piece Irish Logs block, a combination of the traditional Irish Chain and Log Cabin

Double-Strap Market Sack, simple patchwork construction decorates a tote with convertible straps that go from over-the-shoulder to backpack straps in the blink of an eye

Nicole shows you how to make 6 different blocks—one-patch, Grandmother's Puzzle, Irish Logs, Dresden Plate, hexagon, and New York Beauty. For each block, you have the option of making 3 different projects—one featuring a very large, easy-to-make block, plus a mid-size block and a small block that take more concentration and skill. 

Half-Moon Mat, made with 15'' x 15'' New York Beauty quarter blocks

Pop-Apart Project Pouch, made with a 12'' x 12'' New York Beauty block

Phat Flat Pinny, made with a 6'' x 6'' New York Beauty block

And if you want to make a full-size quilt, choose the oversized simple patchwork, Grandmother's Puzzle block, or Dresden Plate block for an easy-to-sew option!

By Day or by Night, 70'' x 90'', double-sided to feature cool fabrics on one side and warm colors on the reserve

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