Pioneer Quilts: Birthing the Baby!

Pioneer Quilts: Birthing the Baby!

Posted by Lori Lee Triplett on Jul 28th 2017

Last year, my sister and I (aka The Triplett Sisters) were thrilled to submit our fourth quilt book,  Pioneer Quilts, to the C&T editor. (Although we’ve never called our book a baby, trust me, there are similarities.) We were excited to have another book completed and enthusiastic that we’d included the instructions to make the “showcase” quilt of the book, an 1856 Friendship quilt. We planned this beautifully detailed appliqué quilt as the cover of the book. I’d even made a contemporary version inspired by eight of the blocks in the original quilt. 

However as the book was going through the process, we needed to narrow the number of projects in the book down to five. So, when the Friendship Quilt instructions didn’t get included, it didn’t make sense to have it as the cover quilt. The C&T Team liked the fun scrappy basket quilt for the cover. I like that quilt too; in fact, it has my favorite color in it. This quilt definitely made a dynamic cover! 

But, we didn’t want to just throw out the baby with the bath water! Instead we ended up with two babies, our book and the first ever  Triplett Sisters Block-of-the-Month quilt for the 1856 Friendship Quilt. The patterns are available at our website. If you need a quicker and easier method, we have a fusible version of each block too. <link>

We love our new book! And we love our new Block-of-the-Month Quilt, which we would never have done but for the changes during the birthing process. To celebrate the birth of both our new book and new Block of the Month, we’d like to offer three free fusible kits of the first block, Windblown Aster, to the first three people that purchase our book, Pioneer Quilts. (Get it, three like our last name!) 

We hope you’ll join us on this journey through the Pioneer Quilts book and creating your own version of the Block of the Month. So we can work together, we’ve set up a Facebook group, Triplett Sisters Block of the Month at (Okay it isn’t the most original title for a group, but it works.) See you there!

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