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Photo Friday: Piece by Piece

Posted by Nissa Brehmer on Sep 19th 2014

A team of people have spent the last several months working on a major step for C&T: A new website.

Completely redesigning a website is a massive task. Aside from regular, day-to-day book work, a team of people have been putting together the new site piece by piece, little by little, from design to copy to imagery to layout to shopping cart. It has not been a process for the faint of heart.

Our marketing designer Jessica and I got together to shoot one of the final proprietary images that will be used for our website's design. While we were working on getting these books to cascade just right so that text would fit in the negative space, it really hit home to me how much has been put in to launching this new website and setting forward on a new foot. The image we're shooting here will be a very small, but very important. 

-Nissa Brehmer, Photographer