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Pedaling Along, Happy and Pretty

Posted by Michele Fry on Aug 5th 2014

I am not an athlete. I don’t ride my bike for speed, and I don’t look good in spandex. I prefer bike-riding experiences that are more suited for places like the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the Gilmore Girls setting or Hill Valley, California, hometown of Marty McFly from Back to the Future. I want the experience to be fun and relaxed. I want to smile and wave and ring my bell as I pass by people.


Kathy McGee understands me. Her book, The Happy Bicycle, speaks to the bike-riding experience I want to have. I’m off for a farmer’s market shopping spree, a ride to my best friend’s house, or lunch in the park. My bike and I are decked out in cleverly designed, useful gear in bright, cheery colors.



Hmmm. I must not be the only one. A whole cycling culture exists that includes people who want a happy ride on a happy bike. For these folks and casual riders, McGee offers a cute seat cover, several bags for any ride-along occasion, a bell, handle streamers, and a pretty basket. For those living the charming life where your bike is your primary mode of transportation, McGee has included bags sized to fit groceries, briefcases, or a change of clothes. Also, check out her helmet covers—so you can be cute and safe.

The Happy Bicycle gives me license to go in my own style and at my own speed.