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New Year Goals from the C&T Team!

Jan 7th 2022

Each year, people from all over the world make New Year’s resolutions, hoping to spark positive change in the upcoming year. From personal growth to health to crafting skills, the C&T team shares their goals for 2022...

Carmen Benzine

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Carmen_22 goal

One of my biggest goals is to better my overall health this year. I have dentist appointments, a new therapist, and even looking into movement classes!

I'd like to read more! Life gets so busy so I'm purposefully making reading time during the week. I have a library (pictured) that I need to give some love.

I picked up cross stitching last year so I'd like to complete at least three projects this year, of any size!

Valerie Palacios

Marketing Coordinator

Valerie_22 goal

Filling my life to the brim with meaningful moments and new experiences! This means spending my time with more intention and doing more of the things I love, like writing, hiking, and spending time with loved ones. Loved ones includes my fur baby Luna. I’m working with a dog trainer to work on her indoor manners, but other than that she lights up my day!

Amy Barrett-Daffin


My goals for 2022 are to become a better version of myself. To climb harder routes, hike bigger hills, make more challenging quilts, have a more positive impact on the world around me.

Gailen Runge

Creative Director

Gailen_22 goal

I plan to hit the trails more often (I live a mile from Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park with 2000 acres of coastal redwoods, evergreens, and chaparral). I also want to spend more time in my studio. I finish the garments I start (and am on quite a run of Greenstyle Spark Tights, which are perfect for my work-from-home vibe), but the quilts often hang there unfinished. First up is a final border for my Our Lady of Guadalupe quilt inspired by Terrie Mangat's Los Sanctos collection. Here's a photo... What do you think: One of the blendy borders pinned up now? Or another strip of orange?

Betsy La Honta

Product Development & Manufacturing Manager

Make a Christmas quilt and have it done by December! I realized this past holiday that I didn't have one and I figure if I have almost a whole year to make it, I might actually be able to meet that goal!

Julie Creus

Product Development & Marketing Designer

Julie_22 goal

This is my year of health! I want to exercise feel better and have more energy. I'm going to follow my daughter's example and eat a more plant based diet. I bought an iPad pro for myself for Christmas and have been taking online classes. I'm determined to master ProCreate to be able to hand letter and illustrate. Also, as soon as the omicron is clear, bringing Brutus back to doggie training to improve our relationship :)

Madison Moore

Acquisitions Editor

Madison_22 goal

I did not set very many goals, but I plan to bake something new every month!

Betsy Friedrich

Administrative Assistant & Customer Service

I am excited to delve into the many uses of kraft-tex this year. 

Debbie Rodgers

Technical Editor

Debbie_22 goal

Keep up my fitness walking and strength training, build my new studio, knit 12 pairs of socks, and finish 10 quilts. Current quilt in progress is a king-size denim quilt for my brother Mike, made with the jeans saved from his 4 sons.

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