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New Online Courses at Creative Spark!

Jul 28th 2022

What if we told you that you can learn essential skills, fun techniques, and more ways to creatively express yourself from the comfort of your home? We created Creative Spark Online Learning to offer you a unique experience of online student groups, live virtual meet-ups, feedback sessions, Q+A with your instructors...and more! Now that you know what we are all about, keep reading to discover the newest courses on your favorite online learning platform.

Step inside these fantastic virtual classrooms...

Ice Dyeing: Basics and Beyond

Koolish_IceDyed Napkins

Ice dyeing is the process of using ice and powdered dyes to create incredible colors and patterns on fabric, clothes, and home décor. The melting ice randomly spreads the dyes on the fabric, leading to fantastic and unique results each time! From fiber artist, teacher, and author Lynn Koolish, this course will show you everything you need to know about ice dyeing. You'll walk away confidently knowing how to achieve incredible colors and patterns unique to the ice dyeing process.

Stress-Free Shirt-Making


Everyone has a classic shirt in their closet or on their sewing wishlist. However the details of shirt construction - collars with bands, tailored shirt plackets, and flat-felled seams - make many sewists panic. Who better to show you how to sew your next favorite shirt than Barbara Emodi? A longtime sewist, educator, and author, Barbara has devised her own plan of attack and hacks for producing a beautiful, professional-level shirt with an absolute minimum of stress. Use the skills taught in this course as a stress-free foundation for making wardrobe basics and other sewing projects.

Machine Binding a Quilt Made Easy


Are you ready to become a lean, mean quilting machine? Machine binding is a fast and efficient method of finishing and binding quilts. (This means more time to start something new or finally finish quilt projects!) Candyce Grisham has dabbled in fiber art, traditional quilting, and modern quilting for several years, and she’s gathered the best techniques to create binding and sew it to your finished quilt by machine. You'll learn two methods for joining binding ends - front and back - with no hand sewing involved.

Making a Dresden the May Chappell Way


A must-have block for every avid quilter's repertoire, the classic Dresden block is as timeless as it is versatile. The design was initially created using reproduction fabrics in the early 20th century, and the simple method leaves plenty of room for creating bold color schemes and unique projects. Dresdens are one of the most dynamic quilt blocks, and they're easier to make than you think! Join quilter Lee Chappell Monroe as she guides you through the Dresden block. Master all the steps of making a Dresden block with tips and tricks on fabric selection and precise piecing. With twenty plates needed for each Dresden, there are endless color, texture, and print combinations to explore!